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Month: February 2016

Waiting and learning

Continuing with the theme from last week (oh ok – 2 weeks) I have embraced the idea of constantly learning or “Lifelong Learner”, but “lifelong”?; that can sound scary. 🙂

If you wait to get started with your real estate investing (or in any other business or venture) until you know everything, you will never start. This is because you will always be learning, or if you’re not, maybe it’s because you aren’t doing anything. Sorry if that one hit you between the eyes, but it’s really true. I am constantly learning in this business. Every deal is an adventure. Every new person you meet whether buyer, seller, agent or whatever is usually some kind of learning experience. Someone always knows more than you. So embrace it as a learning experience.

And most of all don’t wait until you know everything to get started.

Get out there and make something happen.

Wishing you the best of success.



Be a Lifelong Learner

Feb 11th, 2016

Some of the things I will write about in this blog are things that I found in my own personal and professional career to be helpful. Sometimes I will share advice that has been passed along to me by a mentor, teacher, professor, parent, relative, or author. I will provide credit and reference whenever I formally quote another person’s ideas.

That said, I am a believer in lifelong learning, and I suggested you commit to this concept as well. In my previous career as an Information Technology Professional (IT), it was hard sometimes to keep up with all of the latest technologies unless you are constantly reading, studying, and learning. In my Real Estate Investing Career, it’s a little different, but similar rules apply. You cannot learn everything about everything in a short amount of time. So like anything you take on in life, you may need to commit to reading, studying and learning. If you think you are done, you probably are not. There is always something new to learn or master. Many of the concepts I apply in my career have been learned over long periods of listening, reading, studying with others, etc. Ultimately all of these experiences will make you into the person you will become as a result of lifelong learning, as it has for me.

I consider myself a pretty smart guy, but I am constantly amazed and humbled by how much I still do not know.

Wishing you great success!


Avoid distractions – Stay the course

Feb 2nd 2016
Caucuses, primaries, unseasonable weather, crashing stock markets, and more can all be ongoing distractions. Did you start a plan yet? Do you have resolutions for this year or do you have an actual plan? Create a plan for what you want to accomplish this year and stick to it. Take those resolutions and create a step by step plan for how you will achieve whatever it is and then take action. Every day another step can lead you to your goals, don’t let the daily new distractions keep you from accomplishing great things in 2016.

To our mutual success…

Sharing Information

January 26th, 2016

It’s great to get information and training from your mentors and trainers and other top students. There really is a lot of information and experience to be gained from other fellow investors that are out there trying, doing and accomplishing great things.

post to a forum,ask a question, get involved, and participate, always be learning.

Wishing you great success.


Powerball dreams didn’t work out? – Ok time to get to work

January 19th, 2016

So okay, after last week’s Powerball that I didn’t win the Billion and a half dollars, and I’m guessing you didn’t either, I guess its time to get back to work.
What if we could just do some more deals to get the income level and net worth level up to that amount? Wouldn’t that be amazing?
Well, just like the Powerball jackpot didn’t get to 1.5Billion dollars overnight, it took months of millions of people buying tickets and no big payout. Neither is our income level or net worth. It takes time. And it takes consistent effort.
But the great thing about this business is that we can control our own income level. If you want to make more, then go do a few more deals.

I only hope these words are encouraging. I wish you all great success in 2016!


small steps to success

January 12th, 2016
Big Success doesn’t happen overnight. It really amounts to a bunch of small successes (and failures) along the way. when you fail, try and learn from it. Look at what went wrong but also what went right. How could you do it better next time.
Also  There really is a wealth of information out there here. and discussion forums. find a topic related to what you are doing and get advice from others who are doing and accomplishing things.
Learn from mistakes – I told my kids for years – If you can learn from your mistakes that’s great. But if you can learn from other’s mistakes – that’s even better. I wanted to pass on to them to try and not make some of the same mistakes in life that their father (me) did. 🙂

Best of luck all – talk to you soon…


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