Be a Lifelong Learner

Feb 11th, 2016

Some of the things I will write about in this blog are things that I found in my own personal and professional career to be helpful. Sometimes I will share advice that has been passed along to me by a mentor, teacher, professor, parent, relative, or author. I will provide credit and reference whenever I formally quote another person’s ideas.

That said, I am a believer in lifelong learning, and I suggested you commit to this concept as well. In my previous career as an Information Technology Professional (IT), it was hard sometimes to keep up with all of the latest technologies unless you are constantly reading, studying, and learning. In my Real Estate Investing Career, it’s a little different, but similar rules apply. You cannot learn everything about everything in a short amount of time. So like anything you take on in life, you may need to commit to reading, studying and learning. If you think you are done, you probably are not. There is always something new to learn or master. Many of the concepts I apply in my career have been learned over long periods of listening, reading, studying with others, etc. Ultimately all of these experiences will make you into the person you will become as a result of lifelong learning, as it has for me.

I consider myself a pretty smart guy, but I am constantly amazed and humbled by how much I still do not know.

Wishing you great success!