Powerball dreams didn’t work out? – Ok time to get to work

January 19th, 2016

So okay, after last week’s Powerball that I didn’t win the Billion and a half dollars, and I’m guessing you didn’t either, I guess its time to get back to work.
What if we could just do some more deals to get the income level and net worth level up to that amount? Wouldn’t that be amazing?
Well, just like the Powerball jackpot didn’t get to 1.5Billion dollars overnight, it took months of millions of people buying tickets and no big payout. Neither is our income level or net worth. It takes time. And it takes consistent effort.
But the great thing about this business is that we can control our own income level. If you want to make more, then go do a few more deals.

I only hope these words are encouraging. I wish you all great success in 2016!