Waiting and learning

Continuing with the theme from last week (oh ok – 2 weeks) I have embraced the idea of constantly learning or “Lifelong Learner”, but “lifelong”?; that can sound scary. 🙂

If you wait to get started with your real estate investing (or in any other business or venture) until you know everything, you will never start. This is because you will always be learning, or if you’re not, maybe it’s because you aren’t doing anything. Sorry if that one hit you between the eyes, but it’s really true. I am constantly learning in this business. Every deal is an adventure. Every new person you meet whether buyer, seller, agent or whatever is usually some kind of learning experience. Someone always knows more than you. So embrace it as a learning experience.

And most of all don’t wait until you know everything to get started.

Get out there and make something happen.

Wishing you the best of success.